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Welcoming the SIG Workshop to Denmark

12 June 2023

We’re excited to be hosting the next Satcoms Innovation Group (SIG) workshop, here at the QuadSAT headquarters in Odense, Denmark. This is the first time QuadSAT has hosted a SIG workshop; it marks a rather special milestone for us, not least because SIG has been a big part of our journey, right from when we were starting out, to where we are today.

We first became involved with SIG not long after QuadSAT was founded, when SIG was still called the Satellite Interference Reduction Group. In those early days, it provided us with a forum to come and present our ideas, but also uniquely, it enabled us to get useful feedback on what we were doing and what problem we were trying to solve.

Engaging with SIG members allowed us to view the issues around antenna testing and verification from a range of perspectives, from satellite operators through to antenna manufacturers. Working and collaborating with SIG helped us to see the potential use cases that the QuadSAT technology has across a range of sectors.

We’re now an associate member of SIG, and we get a lot of value from our membership and from attending the technical workshops. At the last workshop, we spoke to Micro-Ant about how we first started engaging with SIG, and the value it brings to the industry. You can see the interview in full here:

Quadsat Drone in flight

Why the industry needs SIG

By stimulating discussions between industry operators, manufacturers and solutions providers, SIG has over the years helped the satcom industry identify effective solutions to some pretty complex challenges. And SIG continues to play an important role in the satcoms industry today. A colossal number of satellites are expected to be launched over the coming years, and we have to be very careful not to deploy systems that are not properly configured, or that have design faults.

Yes, it’s true that the industry has got quite good at mitigating interference over the years, but with the increased activity in LEO, alongside complex LEO, MEO and GEO multi-orbit systems, the likelihood of RF interference is surely going to increase. SIG will no doubt continue to play a critical role in bringing the right people together to identify challenges and come up with solutions.

Join us in Odense 

The SIG workshop will take place at QuadSAT, Odense, Denmark, from 28th June to 29th June. As well as a packed agenda of hot topics, it will be a chance to see our drone-based testing tools in action. To register for the event, visit SIG. We hope to see you there.


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