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Defence & Security

Assisting you in ensuring performance of mission critical systems.

military radar for drone antenna measurements

Applications for the defence and security industries

RADAR systems are a key component in everything from protecting critical infrastructure, monitoring global maritime and air traffic, to global observation and prediction of weather and climate. Operational performance is paramount, but diagnostics of RADAR systems have historically been difficult to perform in situ. QuadSAT delivers location independent capabilities to the defence and security industry, enabling real world diagnostics for users, manufacturers, integrators, and service providers.

Radiation diagrams of systems in their operational environment

Alignment validation

Accuracy acceptance tests

Insights to reflections and clutter from surroundings

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Want to know more about how you can obtain the capabilities of the QuadSAT solution?

Customers have different needs. In QuadSAT we work with you to ensure that you get the data you need with a model that suit you. If a service model is the best match for your needs, the QuadSAT service team is ready to assist you. If you want to expand your internal testing capabilities, you can purchase the QuadSAT solution.


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