About QuadSAT

Began as a university project

Company officially founded in March 2017

Headquarters located at an active airport

Investment in the form of grants and angel investments

A Prime Location for Drones

QuadSAT is currently based at Hans Christian Andersen Airport, an active international airport based in Odense, Denmark.

This advantageous position allows QuadSAT the approval to routinely fly our UAVs to high altitudes and perform Beyond Visual Line Of Sight flights. 

Odense has recently been emerging as one of the leading European cities for robotics technologies and cluster organisations.

QuadSAT itself spent a year based at the Odense Robotics StartUp Hub, a world-class robotics incubator which helped QuadSAT, along with many other robotics start-ups, with securing investors and gaining industry traction.

Hubs & Accelerators

Seraphim Space Camp

Spacetech accelerator

  • joined in May 2018

This is the UK’s first dedicated accelerator programme for startups in the space-tech industry. Space Camp’s aim is to “help the best space-tech startups secure funding, achieve scale, and foster close working relationships with industry leaders.” It’s being backed by both the UK and European space agencies, as well as by corporate partners including Rolls Royce, alongside Seraphim Space Fund partners including Airbus, Surrey Satellite Technology, SES and Telespazio. 

Odense Robotics HUB

Accelerator program focused on tech and business development

  • joined in October 2017

High-tech ecosystem consisting of robot and automation companies, suppliers, education and research facilities, investment capital and public actors in and around the city of Odense, Denmark. As a member of the startup cluster organisation, QuadSAT has access to robotics expertise, technological facilities, business development tools, investor networks and support in the process of transforming a creative concept into a industrial production. 

Innovation on Wings

Drone technology, research, and business development

  • joined in March 2017

The project “Innovation on Wings” is supported and funded by the Danish Industry Foundation and led by UAS Denmark and University of Southern Denmark to focuses on the potential of developing innovative application opportunities for drones. The ambition is to develop Danish enterprises’ ideas for innovation based on drone platforms. The project is divided into three tracks. Market Development, Technology and  – Clarification and Network. The three tracks allows the project to take a fill view on business innovation process – from idea to testing and from technology to business development.

UAS Denmark

Test center and access to test facilities

  • joined in June 2017

International drone test center (urban rural and maritime BVLOS test area) and ecosystem with the aim of accelerating drone innovation and practical application. UAS Denmark offers a drone ecosystem handling all approvals and scheduling for drone flights bellow 150 kg. maximum take-off weight. The cluster also allows for knowledge sharing between research institutions, companies and private and public user organisations.