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For RF equipment, ensuring continual connectivity is crucial. 

Satellite operators need to perform site acceptance tests to verify ground teleports and equipment are fit for purpose before launch. Ensuring constant service availability and reliability requires keeping the ground segment working seamlessly at all times. 
Antenna manufacturers are challenged with adhering to stringent requirements from operators and service providers to meet certain criteria.  The huge volume of LEO launches, the multi-orbit environment, and growing demand to enable next generation services is making all of this much more complex than ever before. 

The QuadSAT system is designed to optimize the world’s radio spectrum through accurate measurements and calibration of the millions of antennas that are a prerequisite for our connected planet. It delivers cost- and time-efficient testing and verification of RF equipment, without compromising on quality.  

The system consists of state-of-the-art drone technology coupled with an RF-payload and our unique pre- and post-flight software. Using drones to perform these kinds of tests is drastically reducing complexity, making it possible to test satellite ground stations anywhere, all while ensuring a high level of accuracy, something not previously synonymous with on-site testing. 

Tests are fully automated, flexible, and location independent and a broad range of testing missions can be undertaken, anytime, anywhere, depending on user requirements. This is making high quality antenna testing and diagnostics accessible, helping the satellite industry deliver seamless connectivity, reduce the risk of interference, and keep customers connected. 

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