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Eutelsat Group validates drone-based ESVA Testing by Quadsat

18 March 2024


Odense, Denmark, 18th March 2024 – Quadsat has partnered with Eutelsat Group to define a new method for conducting Earth Station Verification Assistance (ESVA) tests.


QuadSat’s measurement technology enables earth station operators to conduct a comprehensive test of fixed earth stations whose measurements are recognised by Eutelsat Group as part of the station authorisation to operate on its GEO fleet, without the need for additional testing. This solution will extend the variety of antennas that can be tested, which have been a challenge to test up to date.


Like all operators, Eutelsat’s Group earth station approval procedures require the submission of technical earth station data to demonstrate compliance with the relevant specifications, and to perform specific testing when applicable. These tests must be conducted using Eutelsat Group approved methods, known as Earth Station Verification Assistance (ESVA), which have now been extended to include the Quadsat drone-based measuring system.


Comprised of a custom-built payload, bespoke software, and off-the-shelf drone, the Quadsat system is a flexible and portable method for conducting highly accurate measurements and tests anywhere in the world. Using the Quadsat system enables earth stations to ensure their customers get world-class performance at all times.


The Quadsat system is capable of testing across frequency bands, from L to Ka. Users will now be able to conduct any of the required measurements required by Eutelsat Group’s ESVA test procedure, which includes earth station transmit and receive radiation patterns, gain, EIRP, polarization isolation, and G/T.


Third-Parties Companies will be able to lease the Quadsat system in order to provide the same high-level class of measurement services. This means teleports and Telecom Operators all over the world they can now test new antennas as they arrive, as well as being able to perform recertification following a system upgrade or repair, and even on a scheduled preventative maintenance cycle to ensure they maintain a high quality at all times.


Arlen Kassighian, Chief Engineering Officer, Eutelsat Group, commented: “Our ESVA testing procedures are vital for ensuring all earth stations on our network comply with mandatory performance characteristics, which ultimately means our customers get a seamless service. By using Quadsat systems, we can help keeping the high quality and deliver an even better service offering to our customers.”


Joakim Espeland, CEO and Co-founder, Quadsat, added: “Gaining validation from Eutelsat highlights the quality and accuracy of the Quadsat solution. A great deal of development time has gone into creating a new way of testing, while ensuring measurements can be precise. Users carrying out ESVA tests will be able to perform the necessary tests easily and quickly, access valuable data, as well as being able to instantly share the measurements for verification.”


This validation follows extensive testing and approval of the Quadsat system by Eutelsat to ensure it meets stringent requirements. Quadsat will be exhibiting at EuCAP (18th – 22nd March) and Satellite (19th – 21st March). To book a meeting contact

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