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Supporting your research with the antenna data you need

Engineer to work with QuadSAT drone antenna measurement system

Key features

Applications for the academia community

Antenna and propagation research is an important innovation driver for multiple industries working with radio frequency applications. QuadSAT provides a versatile, flexible, and customisable solution for academia to support state-of-the-art research and educational programmes.

Versatile mission planning system allows for broad range of testing scenarios

Solution accommodating testing in different frequencies and polarizations

Operationally flexible to accommodate different testing needs

Automated operation ensures user friendliness

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Want to know more about how you can obtain the capabilities of the QuadSAT solution?

Customers have different needs. In QuadSAT we work with you to ensure that you get the antenna data you need with a model that suit you. If a service model is the best match for your needs, the QuadSAT service team is ready to assist you. If you want to expand your internal testing capabilities, you can purchase the QuadSAT solution.


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