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4 Reasons to Visit QuadSAT at EuCAP

19 March 2021

Europe’s flagship conference on antennas and propagation, EuCAP will take place virtually from 22 to 26 March 2021. QuadSAT is a silver sponsor and will be taking part in a workshop, the exhibition and presenting a technical paper. While we are looking forward to being able to travel and meet you in person, here are 4 key reasons you should visit us virtually at EuCAP in the meantime:

1. Tune in and let our founders explain our technology

Our flexible and cost-effective tool for testing- ground satellite segment infrastructure is aimed at ensuring seamless satellite connectivity and overall reduction of interference

At EuCAP, our founders, Joakim Espeland and Andrian Buchi will describe the technology and host a virtual demonstration of state-of-the-art drone-based antenna measurements in the context of SATCOM applications. They will demonstrate how this technique can bring the measurement range to the customer by providing a real demonstration of measurements of an offset 1.2m antenna and comparing results with a traditional outdoor far-field system.

Be sure to catch them on Monday, 22nd March at 1.00pm CET and get your questions ready.

2. Find out about research into drone technology

PhD student, Saki Omi from Cranfield University has been working alongside QuadSat to conduct research into drone technology. The research carried out will help to develop a satellite COTM (Communication on the Move) antenna evaluation system with a UAV Swarm and will increase QuadSAT’s testing capabilities.

Catch Saki Omi’s presentation on 22nd March at 5:30pm CET.

3. Talk to us at our booth

Join us at our virtual booth during EuCAP. Get in contact to ask your questions and learn more about our drone technology and upcoming innovations. QuadSAT’s system consists of a pseudo-satellite payload integrated on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle making it deployable anywhere at any time. The system is fully automated with pre-and post-test software, ensuring repeatable high-quality data delivered in a uniform format.

Company CEO, Joakim Espeland will be on hand to discuss the origins, present and future of QuadSAT.

4. Get a free live demo

Visitors to the booth will get a voucher to claim a free live demonstration of our drone technology. So pop by our booth, grab your voucher, and get in touch to book the demo at a time to suit you.


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