QuadSAT at Space-Comm


QuadSAT will be exhibiting on booth J1 at this year’s Space-Comm. 


Our drone-based antenna test and measurement solutions are revolutionizing the space industry, making highly accurate testing more easily accessible. 


Recent projects include our work to perform verification of OneWeb’s ground segment antennas ahead of the global rollout of its LEO constellation. 

“We are in the process of building the ground segment for our state-of-the-art constellation. Having innovative methods for diagnostics will be an important success factor and we are particularly excited about the potential of drone-based in-situ diagnostics where traditional antenna validation techniques are not available.”

We also worked with Oxford Space Systems (OSS), which, together with Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, has completed the build of an innovative deployable Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) antenna payload for the next generation of high-performance low-cost Earth Observation radar small satellite missions. OSS needed a way to test its 3m diameter deployable reflector antenna. Knowing that there are very few facilities available that can accommodate such a large antenna for RF testing measurement, OSS worked in collaboration with us to use our drone-based measurement system to overcome the challenges of testing such a large reflector diameter.

Visit us on booth J1 to:

  • find out more about our flexible, cost-effective, location independent antenna testing and measurement solutions.
  • Discover more of our recent projects.
  • Learn about the most recent and upcoming developments to our solution.