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The Largest Drone Tech Investment in Denmark of €2 million

10 September 2020

Odense, Denmark, September 10, 2020: QuadSAT, a Danish company that is revolutionising the test and measurement of satellite antennas, announced today that it has closed a €2 million Pre-Series A Investment, the largest venture investment in a Danish drone tech company in history. The round was led by Seraphim Capital, the world’s first venture fund dedicated to SpaceTech, Vaekstfonden, the Danish state’s investment fund, and Angel Investor, Helge Munk.

The use of space is key to solving significant challenges faced in the world – from ensuring worldwide connectivity to providing data to solve environmental issues. As a multitude of sectors starts looking toward space, the number of satellites in orbit will increase significantly in the next few years.

With the amounts of communication satellites in use today, levels of radiofrequency (RF) interference are increasing year by year. If not managed properly the accelerating growth of the Satcom industry will drown the radio spectrum in RF interference, reducing bandwidth and causing connection breakouts. Poorly performing and inaccurate ground antennas are the main source of RF interference. For antenna research and development, and for approval to bring new antennas to market, access to testing is essential.

For the antenna ground segment to keep up with the rapid development of satellites in orbit there is a great need for a cost-effective, flexible, and efficient testing solution. QuadSAT revolutionises antenna testing by combining state of the art drone- and RF technology with custom-developed software making automated antenna tests and measurements available anytime and anywhere.

Andrian Buchi, CTO and co-founder, says: “We see a high level of interest for our technology, not only in antenna measurements but also in other test solutions aimed specifically at higher frequencies and at the future mass deployment of mega-constellations. This investment allows us to develop the product line to match the industry needs, and to build a strong team able to tackle future challenges”. Joakim Espeland, CEO and co-founder adds “Our solution is the only one that can provide the scalability of test and measurements required for a robust satcom infrastructure to minimize challenges such as dropped calls and internet buffering”.

To ensure the best fit between QuadSAT’s solution and the industry requirements, the team is working closely with SOMAP, a consortium of the world’s biggest Satellite Operators. Further, QuadSAT has recently completed contracts with the European Space Agency’s (ESA) program for supporting the development of advanced Satcom products and services.

The investment round follows a seed round at the start of 2019. This pre-series A investment is a catalyst for exploiting the potential of QuadSAT’s unique position as the only company that can provide mobile testing at scale. This will accelerate product testing allowing QuadSAT to transition its current product, currently offered as a service, to be sold as a product for third party users. This will also allow QuadSAT to expand its UK research and development activities.

QuadSAT plans to raise a Series A round within a year further expanding the revolution of antenna testing in the SATCOM industry.

About QuadSAT

Founded in March 2017, QuadSAT’s mobile antenna testing system provides users with affordable, accessible, and accurate antenna testing and calibration. The system utilizes a custom-built RF payload, drone technology, and mathematical algorithms to effectively simulate satellites and perform critical antenna performance tests. QuadSAT’s system has been developed to meet industry-wide standards.

Media Contact: Helen Weedon, Radical Moves PR,, +44 7733 231922

About Vaekstfonden

Vaekstfonden is the Danish state’s investment fund that contributes to the creation of new companies by providing capital and expertise. Since 1992, Vaekstfonden has together with private investors co-financed growth in more than 8,500 Danish companies with a total commitment of more than DKK 27.3 billion.

For more information, please visit:

Media contact: Cecilie Idun Andersen, Communication Advisor,, + 45 31 93 05 73

About Seraphim Capital

Seraphim Capital is the world’s largest specialist space-tech venture fund. They focus on backing both space and aerial platforms collecting and communicating data from above, in addition to the broader enabling technologies that support the full space-tech ecosystem. The £70m fund has pioneered a multi-corporate venture fund model, harnessing the collective experience and expertise of leading space industry players including the likes of Airbus, SES and Telespazio to provide start-ups the fund invests in with unparalleled access to and guidance from the top echelons of the space sector.

For more information, please visit:

Media contact:

About Helge Munk

Helge Munk is a Business Angel with 10 active investments through his holding company Helge Munk Holding. Helge was named the Danish “Business Angel of the Year“ in 2018 and is highly successful in his investments as he currently holds an exit rate of up to 80. Helge has founded and been a co-founder of more than 15 companies, mostly in the IT industry, but during the last years, he has also invested in the tech industry.

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