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Optimizing the World’s Radio Spectrum

Drone-based antenna measurements and calibration

Why Quadsat?

RF spectrum is facing unprecedented demand, with satellite being relied upon for many critical services around the globe, as well as an enabler of next generation technology. Fulfilling a role in this new landscape means that the industry needs to optimize the finite radio spectrum to ensure seamless and continual availability.  

At Quadsat, we are getting the industry closer to this goal through technology to enable the accurate measurements and calibration of the millions of antennas that are a prerequisite for our connected planet. 

Our state-of-the-art drone-based solution addresses the growing challenges that the satellite industry faces when testing and verifying RF equipment. The Quadsat system delivers cost and time-efficient testing and verification of RF equipment, without compromising on quality. This is making high quality antenna testing and diagnostics accessible, helping the satellite industry deliver seamless connectivity, reduce the risk of interference, and keep customers connected. 

Benefit From Using a Drone Antenna Measurement System

The Future of Antenna Testing is Location Independent

The Quadsat system is a drone-based, mobile testing solution for antenna, satellite and RF diagnostics which is fully automated and location independent. It is a cost efficient and globally scalable solution that can operate on antennas of all sizes, transforming how antennas are tested. We are continually developing and improving the solution to deliver ever more test scenarios.   


The Quadsat system can be used anytime and anywhere.


Save time when measuring antennas and tracking solutions


Save money by reducing logistics and test time.

With a Quadsat antenna measurement drone, tests are performed where and when needed reducing operational expenditure.

Quadsat facilitates R&D programs and reduces time to market, by making antenna measurements more accessible using a drone platform.

Data is gathered in situ, with the benefit of minimising maintenance time and costs meanwhile enhancing reliability and overall performance.

Initially serving the satellite communication industry, today Quadsat is looking at a number of different industries. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you. 

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Explore The Key Features For Quadsat's Drone Antenna Measurement System

The new dimension enabled by RF- and drone technology

Quadsat’s unique solution enables a range of on-site measurements for example antenna radiation patterns and antenna alignment. The payload mounted on the drone enables maximal location flexibility. As a mobile test-facility, it can operate anywhere in the world on antennas of all sizes.

Principle cuts in Azimuth and Elevation

Raster Scan in Co-Pol and Cross-Pol

On-axis Polarization Plot

Provides 1D and 2D diagrams for patterns or cuts and raster scans combined with raw data

Universal data sets for antenna registration and reporting

Supporting Organizations


Quadsat is a Danish company founded in 2017 that supplies drone-based antenna measurement and tracking solutions to the satellite, defence, wireless and broadcast markets. QuadSAT’s solution for antenna measurements combines advanced drone technology with a custom RF pointing payload. As a compact system, it is transported directly to site and when launched as a mission it will provide customers with in situ testing capabilities, resulting in a cost-effective, operationally flexible, and timesaving solution.


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