Comply, test, verify - anywhere in the world

Satellite: simulated

QuadSAT's system combines a simulated satellite payload with drone tech to create a brand new way to test satellite antennas.

Our system has been carefully developed to be light-weight, autonomous, and easy to use.

Antenna Patterns

Conveniently tests and verifies performance at any stage of an antenna's life cycle.

Tracking Verification

Easily analyzes the tracking capabilities of antennas with high-precision agility.

Interference Prevention

Minimizes RF interference by solving equipment and installation quality assurance issues.

Payload Innovation

QuadSAT’s system features a custom-built payload which simulates a satellite, obtaining smooth and accurate measurements.

Instead of bringing your antenna to a testing range, our unique payload allows you to conveniently bring the test range to the antenna anytime, anywhere.

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