Comply, test, verify - anywhere in the world

Antenna radiation patterns

Perform Tx or Rx antenna patterns with high flexibility over the antenna location. Analyze the antenna performance when it is manufactured, installed, or after it has been operating for a while.

Antenna tracking verification

Analyze the tracking capabilities of your COTM antenna. The drone acts as a pseudo satellite and can be maneuvered with high precision on a desired path.

Interference detection

Identify interfering antennas without the need of using a helicopter and map out RF presence on a field, with the ability to downstream and have control over the actions and data real time.

A work in progress

QuadSAT is constantly improving its technology, testing ideas and integrating customer requests.

If you are interested in a demonstration, purchase, or would like to validate an idea, feel free to get in touch with us.

Our Leaders

"Following the growth in the satellite industry, undoubtedly there is a need for innovative solutions that can provide cost-effective means to test, assist installations, reduce the work complexity, and furthermore enhance the control over the RF spectrum. QuadSAT is building towards that vision."
Andrian Buchi
"What started as an idea and a dream, has brought the team through steep learning curves of business development and innovation. We believe that our new technology in this changing industry will be key to excellent ground segment operation and space communication."
Joakim Espeland