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Drone Software Engineer

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Drone Software Engineer

QuadSAT is searching for a full-time Drone Software Engineer, preferably with background in robotics, who will strengthen the team on developing an autonomous drone. The drone is aimed at testing, calibration and type approval of stabilized antennas within the maritime, aerospace and military sectors. The candidate will design, implement, integrate, and evaluate various control and robotic techniques for the UAV platform as well as adding new features and tools to the developed system. The general challenges include achieving extremely high performance, robustness, and safety requirements under the real-world autonomous operational conditions.

QuadSAT is a startup with a global perspective and with the aim to revolutionize the Satellite Communication Industry by introducing new antenna testing techniques, and verification methods. The candidate will be a part of an energetic, international and diverse team, and will have a chance to achieve leadership roles and grow with the company.


  • Enhance, develop, implement, analyze and validate signal processing, filter and fusion algorithms
  • Testing of sensors and evaluating between multiple options.
  • Enhance, or develop tools for operation, safety, and performance evaluations
  • Develop tools for drone flight path generation
  • Verification of algorithms, testing, and simulations
  • Documentation


  • Programming skills (C++, ROS, Python, etc.)
  • PX4/Ardupilot Flight Stack Experience
  • Experience with Sensors and Remote Sensing
  • Knowledge of system architecture from back end to GUI is a plus
  • Strong mathematical skills
  • Technical communication skills
  • RF basic knowledge


Andrian Buchi| CTO |
+45 50 27 22 33 |
Lufthavnvej 151, 5270 Odense N, Denmark
*100% match of qualifications is not required. Diverse backgrounds & applications are welcome