Demo at UAS International Drone Show 2019

International Drone Show 2019

On the 25th of June, QuadSAT took part in the UAS International Drone Show‘s program. 

A group of approximately 50 drone enthusiasts and other business professionals visited QuadSAT’s hangar and HQ to see what we are all about.

The QuadSAT team performed a successful demo flight for the crowd, showcasing a live satellite antenna test. 

Our head drone engineer Rasmus Gupta was in charge of flying the drone system, whilst our CEO Joakim Espeland explained to the crowd what was happening in real time for the test duration.

Joakim giving presentation at hangar
Visit in hangar
QuadSAT drone test flying

There was a fantastic turn-out on the day, with the perfect flying weather. 

The UAS International Drone Show’s program also featured an array of other fascinating drone tech displays and demos, as seen in the short video below.

We look forward to next year’s event where we can do it all again!