23-24 AUG 2023

Ballerup Super Arena, Booth 105


The Danish Ministry of Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) is the largest exhibition in Denmark of equipment primarily from the defence industry. The focus this year is on international participation from strategic partners in Europe and overseas. With over 400 exhibitors and 4000 participants expected, Quadsat is keen to demonstrate how its solution can optimize radio spectrums through accurate measurements and calibration.

QuadSAT and Danish Navy Explore New Testing Methods


Reasons to meet Quadsat:

Safeguard mission-critical communications

We know that in defence, communications are not just important, they are often vital, even a life-line. Our solutions make it easy to test and verify your equipment, wherever it is, ensuring you stay error-free and connected.

Empower rapid-response capabilities

Ensuring RADAR equipment is working exactly as it should be guarantees prompt response capabilities. Our tools enable agile and efficient RADAR diagnostics.

Optimize your signal performance

Having connectivity is just one part, defence companies need to ensure that the RF signal performance is optimized for clarity, integrity, and efficiency. Our tools help you determine the performance and arm you with the knowledge to adapt and optimize as best you can.

Leverage insights

We know you need unparalleled global oversights powered by real-time insights. We help you leverage real-time precision diagnostics to enhance global situation awareness, meaning you can make informed decisions.

The QuadSAT system

The QuadSAT system is designed to optimise the world’s radio spectrum through accurate measurements and calibration of the millions of antennas that are a prerequisite for our connected planet. It delivers cost- and time-efficient testing and verification of RF equipment, without compromising on quality.

The system consists of state-of-the-art drone technology coupled with an RF-payload and our unique pre- and post-flight software. With the QuadSAT system, it is possible to test satellite ground stations anywhere, all while ensuring a high level of accuracy, something not previously synonymous with on-site testing.